Treadstone Sales Engineering©

In most chemical businesses, it is uncommon for a company to have more than around 10 customers for the same product sku in the same region of the world. This means that mining pricing data for insights requires different tools and skills than the ones often used in retail-level "big data" programs. Treadstone Advisors Sales Engineering programs include:

Treadstone Market Mapping: Identify all of the markets or applications for our products and assess/rank them for strategic fit. Similarly, identify markets or applications for other products and chemistries that could be made on the existing assets

Treadstone Price Mapping: Why do some customers pay much more for the same product than others? Why do we not seem to have pricing or margin power complex or delicate products? Do we truly under stand each customers' best alternatives?

Commercial Roles and tools: Are commercial job descriptions, metrics and goals

NEW UPDATE: Market mapping and market share estimating video & templates

Treadstone Market Mapping Slides.pptx

Slides from the video

Market Share Map Template.xlsx

Spreadsheet from the video

Treadstone case studies for website
Treadstone Case Study #2: Post-carveout stabilization